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Amway eSpring Home Water Treatment System

The eSpring Water Treatment System combines carbon block filter, UV light, and electronic monitoring.

Carbon block filter:
Inside the eSpring Water Treatment System is an activated pressed carbon-block filter. This US patented multi-stage carbon block effectively removes:
  • chlorine taste and smell
  • particulates down to 0.2 micron, which improves clarity
  • more than 140 possible health-effect contaminants, including lead, mercury, VOCs, and the petrol additive MTBE
While eSpring removes contaminants by trapping them in the patented carbon-block filter, beneficial minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, pass through unchanged and remain in the water. Activated carbon readily bonds to and adsorbs many organic carbon-based compounds such as pesticides and herbicides. The carbon in the filter bonds with organic, carbon-based compounds. Minerals and other inorganic compounds do not have a carbon base. Therefore, a bond usually will not form with the carbon, and the minerals will remain in solution in the water and pass through the filter.
UV Light:
A patented shining light system, it emits up to 80 millijoules/cm2 of UV light and destroys more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses that may be found in drinking water. Uses patented wireless inductive technology to power up the UV lamp, which results in greater safety and reliability. If there are bacteria present in the incoming water, they may grow in a carbon filter overnight, or during periods of inactivity. This is true for all carbon filters on the market – including those treated with silver. The eSpring Water Treatment System uses ultraviolet light to destroy any bacteria present in water after it leaves the carbon filter.

Electronic Monitoring:
‘Smart chips’ in the eSpring monitor keep track of the UV lamp and filter life, and an LED display lets you know when the cartridge needs to be replaced.

Initially the carbon activation process leaves an alkaline surface on the carbon that is similar to baking soda. This alkaline surface raises the pH of water that initially passes through the filter to the 9-10 range. This pH shift is well within the acceptable range for drinking water. After approximately 58 litres (15 gallons) have passed through the filter, the pH level drops to about 8.5. After 190 litres (50 gallons) have passed through, water pH is between 7 and 8, nearly identical to untreated water.

NSF International is a non-profit organisation recognised worldwide as the leading independent testing and certification authority on water treatment systems. NSF International has tested and certified the eSpring Water Treatment System for the reduction of more health-effect contaminants than any other UV/carbon-based system it has certified. Certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 (Filtration aesthetic), 53 (Filtration health) and 55 (Ultraviolet Microbiological). More details about NSF Standards.
eSpring NSF Certification: http://info.nsf.org/Certified/DWTU/Listings.asp?TradeName=espring

Awarded the Gold Seal by WQA.

I've been using Amway Water Treatment System for yrs wit no problem. The only downside is the water filter replacement & UV light which is kinda pricey.
Everybody knows BMW is the best car in the world. How many in Malaysia afford to buy BMW ? Same thing applies to Amway eSpring.
The UV tech by Amway is primitive. You must change the bulb every year. My water filter, Hendrex with better technology and design for the same UV it takes many years to change if it is compared to other designs.
i did my research on various indoor water filter system. at the end, eSpring came up as the most desired one due to its many strengths compared to the rest. the initial cost could be slightly more but the running cost is very reasonable and much cheaper if you compare to the other brands. 

about rm500 per change of d core..actually can last quite long.currently am using t he 2nd generation filter,2 people at home,daily boil water so estimate 2l a day,last me prolly half a year to 1 year before it needs replacing

The eSpring filter costs @ RM510 iinm.. somehow, using eSpring is peace of mind with all their proven certification. How long you been using? Somehow, if you looking switch from eSpring to other brand, I rather you look for NSF 48+53 certified filter instead of marketing term like Alkaline water or Energy water.
Oct 2013
RM 4000 include installation. interested call me 0176852993 dickson.TQ
May 2013
Despite allowing some good minerals to pass through the filter, eSpring also allows some inorganic contaminants to pass through, such as nitrates and heavy metals such as chromium and cadmium. This weakness of eSpring is admitted by the company itself: http://www.espring.com/english/ibocenter/d...uctGde_2_04.pdf

eSpring Home Water Treatment System by Amway

Website: http://www.amway.my/Shop/Product/Product.aspx?itemno=100188
eSpring Water Treatment System - Product: eSpring Document
FAQ: FAQ Document
Technical, list of contaminants, performance Document

Warranty: Two years comprehensive product warranty (This warranty does not cover replacement parts and wear-and-tear components)
Cartridge Capacity: Lasts up to 5,000 litres or 1 year - about RM700 per cartridge
Price: RM3-4K (cheaper with Amway membership). eBay: RM3600. 11 street: RM3800


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