Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Built-in Hood, Hob and Oven

Fotile KQD50F-01 - top, down, rear heating

ELBA BUILT-IN OVEN (EBO-F5660(BK)) Lazada: RM845 - 56L (w: 23in) | inner light, 6 functions

Rubine Chimney Hood RCH-BOXLINE2-90SS  - Lazada: RM888 (1100 suction power, baffle) w:900mm (3f) | h:560-860mm

RUBINE GLASS HOB RGH-AGATA3B-BL 2+1 burner - Lazada: RM488 (w:2.5f)

RGH-PEPPER2B-BL 2 Burner Gas Stove -rm458

kitchen wet
table top: 9f (cooker hob+  2f open rack) with 11f base and 8f wall (hood-3f).
6f (sink) + 6f wall (dish drainer-2f) + 6f base (drawers)
tall unit: 2f (oven + microwave)
tall unit: 6.5f (fridge + open cabinet with door that doubles as the wet kitchen door-3f)

master: bathroom to switch: 71 inch. bathroom basin cabinet: 54in (4.5f)
wardrobe: 8 x 8f both sides. table: 8 feet (3f drawers, 5f table)
2nd room: 7f wardrobe | bathroom sink: 5f x 17in
3rd room: 7f wardrobe, 2.5f drawer, 6f x2f table. (11.6f, 140in) and 6f (L-corner)
study room: 69in(5.75f, 175cm) x 133in(11f)

living room cabinet: 159inch (13.25f) width and 8f height.
bathroom sink: 3f x 
tv console
shoe cabinet: 62in (5.1f) x 47in (3.9f)

plaster ceiling
living room: 13f x

standard mattress:
Single:    L 75" (191 cm, 6.25f) x W 36" (91cm)
Queen:   L 75" (191 cm) x W 60" (152cm, 5f)
King:       L 75" (191 cm) x W 72" (183cm, 6f)

ikea beige drawers 2 side: 63 inch (5.25f) x 19in (1.6f)
ikea green wardrobe: 5f x 2f (60cm)

Ikea Hammarp worktop RM490 (246cm-8f) solid wood - not suitable for wet kitchen. 

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