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Fort Siloso and Skywalk, Sentosa

Fort Siloso was built in the late 19th century. During that time, Singapore had become an important trading port for the British, so it was imperative that the island was protected from sea invasion. You can discover life as a soldier, explore preserved tunnels (No real tunnels at the Fort, they are actually underground areas), underground ammunition stores and WWII-era guns. It is the only preserved coastal fort in Singapore.

The 11-storey, 181 meters long Skywalk provides guests a scenic trek above the trees en route to Fort Siloso. You may also choose to explore the fort by the Heritage Trail or the Gun Trail. Both the Skywalk and Fort Siloso are free for all, and there are also guided tours at Fort Siloso for a more detailed historical account of the area. Surrender Chamber section and guided tours are chargeable.

Fort Siloso is the only preserved coastal fort in Singapore. WWII-era weapons.
Underground area

11-storey, 181 meters long Skywalk to Fort Siloso above trees, unshaded.

See-through floor on top of the Skywalk tower.

stunning unobstructed view of the Singapore Straits, Siloso Beach, Harbour Front and the Keppel Bay. Remember to bring your hat, umbrella for some shade.

Surrender Chambers (chargeable)
Relive some of the momentous events in Singapore’s history with the Surrender Chambers immersive show. Be guided by light, sound and video effects starting from the Japanese invasion, all the way to the Japanese’s eventual surrender to the British at the end of WWII. Before you leave, share a message of peace on the wall of poppies. 
Surrender Chambers

TripAdvisor Reviews 2017: The Fort Siloso Skywalk Tower is an impressive 43m high tower, which the skywalk links the Siloso Beach to Fort Siloso. The tower has lift access, which brought us up to the skywalk bridge. The skywalk bridge is 181m long, which along the way visitors would have a stunning unobstructed view of the Singapore Straits, Siloso Beach, Harbour Front and the Keppel Bay. Walking on the bridge towards Fort Siloso, we also found a number of displays by the side introducing the history of the fort and the artillery gun emplacements. Entrance is free and it promises a magnificent view of the surrounding area, regardless whether in the day or night. Stunning views from this skywalk, too hot to linger for too long, but worth a stroll. Not covered so remember your hat At the end of the walk is Fort Siloso, which was built to defend Singapore against an invasion by sea from the south. Now a museum, Fort Siloso displays its history and guns. This is a good way to reach Fort Siloso if you don't want to hike the usual route.

Fort Siloso and Fort Siloso Skywalk, Sentosa
Opening Hours
Skywalk Lift operation hours: 9am - 7pm. ** Guest can still access the Sky Walk via stairs near the lift lobby)
Fort Siloso: 10am - 6pm  (Last entry at 5.30pm)
Admission: Free (except for Surrender Chambers: $6/Adult. $4.50/ Senior Citizen/ Child - non local price)

Getting There
By Sentosa Express: Alight at Beach Station. Transfer to Siloso-bound beach tram and alight at Siloso Point Stop
By Bus: Sentosa Bus 1, Bus 2 and alight at Siloso Point Stop.
By Sentosa Beach Team: Alight at Siloso Point Stop
By Foot: Take a stroll down Siloso beach from Beach Station

Nearest Carpark
Underwater World Car Park


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