Thursday, 9 March 2017

Kitchen Storage

Ideas here with products mostly from IKEA and Daiso, are on how to organize your kitchen storage. IKEA's website shows all the prices of their products. Most of Daiso's items are sold at RM5.90 (effective 1st Mar 2017) each. 

Storage boxes are a fridge's best friends. They can help you divide your items according to their types and ease the process of locating them. If the stuffs in your fridge/ shelve are relatively short and there is still space above, try putting a rack to save some space.

If you have so much food in your kitchen that you have to pack cans all the way to the back, you need the help of drawers so you can actually find what you need.

Pull out rack for kitchen/ fridge storage to save space. Plastic storage boxes

Shelf helper/ organizer from

Divide the pots from their lids using dividers.  Tin cans work well for your not-so-cute under-the-sink tools, like dish scrubbers. Use adhesive tabs to hang them on the inside of your cabinet so they're easy to reach.
Pull-out compartments are always a good idea for easy access.

Height order: If your kitchen has deep drawers, use every bit of that height to store jars upright. Save your shallower drawers for items like cutlery or flat tins.

Dish drainer can be placed on top of the sink or hung from the wall to save counter space and help air get to wet crockery. (Ideas by Ikea)

From cutlery trays to spice racks, IKEA's VARIERA kitchen storage series fits inside drawers to give everything an organised home.

Tension rods are handy for instant storage. They can be used as lines to hang clothes, divider to make more storage room in your shelves. You just have to tighten or loosen the screw at the end of the rod to adjust length to fit the space. 
Tension rods and Frosted plastic boxes from Daiso. Food containers from Ikea.

Build a pantry cabinet with racks on the door or have a modern huge pantry with sliding door.


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